Thin Pavers

Thin pavers are a type of concrete paver typically used when you want to renovate an existing walkway, entry way, pool deck, patio or other area without the mess, hassle and expense of tearing up the existing concrete. Thin pavers just might be the best, most economical choice for paving projects around the home.

Just like the traditional, full thickness paver, thin pavers have many advantages over typical poured concrete. The choices of color, shape, size and patterns are endless allowing you to create an area that will fit your personal style and compliment your current landscaping. The beauty and sophistication of pavers can give your landscaping the wow factor it has been missing.

In addition to aesthetics, pavers have the added advantage of durability. Pavers will outlast poured concrete and are better able to withstand cracking that can occur due to extreme weather or weather changes. They are very low maintenance, requiring no staining or sealing. If you do need to repair your pavers, simply have the paver removed and fixed or replaced completely. It's that easy with no unsightly scars left behind from cracking.

Thin pavers offer all of these advantages and more. Thin pavers allow you to upgrade your old drab concrete area without the expense and mess of tearing it up. This is the most cost effective way to enhance your old concrete patio, walkway or deck. Thin pavers can be overlaid on concrete, river rock and other surfaces you want to replace. Premier Brick Pavers can answer any questions you have about thin pavers and how they work.

At Premier Brick Pavers our more than 15 years in the business and keen eye for detail make us the smart choice for your new paving job. We only use products from the best, most trusted manufacturers in Florida. As we like to say, "Our Quality is Set in Stone." Let Premier Brick Pavers take care of your next project and find out why we were a 2011 winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award.