Shell Lock Pavers

If you are building a new pool deck or renovating an old shabby deck consider Shell Lock pavers for an upgraded, classy look.

Here in Florida, we spend much of our time outdoors, entertaining and socializing around the pool. We spend time hosting barbeques and pool parties or just enjoying our families. That's why it's important that your pool deck and patio areas reflect your own unique sense of style while having the ability to hold up against high foot traffic, water and the extreme Florida temperatures.

Pavers are a perfect choice for your outdoor living areas and Shell Lock pavers are a unique, beautiful and elegant option when you are looking to remodel your pool deck.

Shell lock pavers are made with real seashells harvested form coastal areas. This combined with beautiful earth tone colors of the paver create a backyard paradise comparable to that of the seashore. There are a variety of colors to choose from including beige, sand, ivory buff, beach tan and many other colors that will perfectly compliment your outdoor Florida pool deck.

In addition to the natural beauty you will discover with Shell Lock pavers you will discover that Shell Lock pavers are easy to install, so you will be able to use your new pool area right away. The revolutionary sand base requiring no grouting or mortar means installation is quick and easy. You will also find that Shell Lock pavers are easier to maintain than traditional poured concrete.

Pavers also beat out concrete when it comes to durability. Because they are able to expand and contract during the extreme Florida temperatures they are not susceptible to the cracking you will find with traditional poured concrete.

Premier Brick Pavers can answer any questions you have about upgrade paver products such as Shell Lock Pavers. Our more than 15 years in the business make us the experts to turn to for all of your paver needs in the Tampa Bay area.