At Premier Brick Pavers we use only the best manufacturers in the state for our high quality brick and Travertine pavers. Materials and quality can vary among manufacturers so the maker of the paver is a very important choice. Learn more about the manufacturers we choose to buy from.


Flagstone is a private Florida company that was founded in 1999. After extensive research into the paver industry and what practices would produce the highest quality paver for the best price, Flagstone opened their doors in 2001. Since then they have doubled operations and production capacity in response to high demand for their pavers. They produce high quality, unique pavers in many colors and shapes to fit the varying needs of their customers.


Tremron is the largest privately owned manufacturer of pavers in the Southeastern United States. They were founded in 1992. With their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, they now have plants located all over Florida. They are manufacturers of high quality pavers at a competitive price


Located in Tampa, FL, Stonemart is a privately owned importer and distributer of the finest quality natural stone products. Their products are available in numerous sizes, styles and finishes to fit all your needs.