Travertine and tumbled marble are sophisticated, upgrade products for sophisticated taste. It makes sense then to go with a sophisticated company when choosing travertine or marble pavers.

Stone-Mart is a privately owned and operated importer and distributer of high quality, natural stone which lives up to the sophisticated tastes and expectations of their customers. They offer premium travertine and marble stone for both inside and outside use. Unlike many of their competitors, Stone-Mart takes a hands on approach to choosing quality natural stone for their products. Stone is imported from their own quarries in Turkey resulting in a superior product line of exquisite, elegant travertine and marble pavers and tiles.

Stone-Mart's line of exterior products includes travertine pavers, travertine pool copings and travertine waterline pool tiles. Available varieties of pavers include chiseled pavers, tumbled pavers and French patterned pavers. All are available in various sizes, finishes and styles to suit all of your hardscape needs.

Not only will you experience superior quality products from Stone-Mart but their factory direct pricing as a result of eliminating the middle man means you get an elegant, high quality product at a competitive price. And because Stone-Mart specializes only in natural stone products, their staff are experts on all that is stone including production, transport and delivery.

Stone-Mart has two, state of the art showrooms in Tampa, Florida that can ship to any home or jobsite in the United States and overseas. The quality, pricing and expertise on natural stone that you will experience with Stone-Mart products are unmatched in the industry.